Tansu – cherry, 37(W) x 53(H) x 19(D)
Tansu Cherry                         Tansu - cherry
Traditional tansu frame and panel construction. The wood comes from one tree, so there is good match for color and grain pattern.
There are two generous storage areas and the sliding doors lift out as needed. The back is finished.

Ko-dansu (small tansu) – cherry, 31(W) x 20(H) x 17(D)
Ko-dansu   Ko-dansu   Ko-dansu
A smaller tansu which works well as an end table or coffee table. The upper section can accommodate books up to 11″ high. Traditional frame and panel construction with a finished back. The drawer sides are fastened to the fronts with bamboo nails, a technique dating back some 200 years.

Tansu – cherry, 76W x 30H x 22D.
Tansu – cherry
This tansu was built for stereo equipment and computer peripherals. The 4 sliding doors open to reveal heavy duty roll-out shelves. The top and sides are made from one 16-inch wide cherry board with good figure.Tansu – cherry, 40W x 60H x 20D.
Tansu – cherry
The side and top panels are made from a single wide board with good figure in the grain. There is ample storage space in each of the two cabinet sections as well as in the five drawers. Drawers and doors can be positioned in a variety of locations depending on the intended use. The side rails feature a generous concave curve. This lightens the piece visually.

Tansu – cherry, 60W x 32H x 20D.
Tansu – cherry
This tansu functions well as a sideboard or as part of a middle-of-the-room furniture group, say behind a sofa. The main rails are constructed with a thru-tenon and tusk so the chest can be disassembled. The top and side panels are made from one wide cherry board. The back is finished with a frame and panel, so the piece can function as a room divider as well.

Side table in white oak with live edge. 22W x 17H x 22D.
Side table in white oak with live edge
Add a zabuton (cushion) and the table becomes an extra place to seat a guest

Tansu in oak. 43W x 48H x 22D.
Tansu in oak
This chest can be completely disassembled.

Knockdown joinery….
Knockdown joinery
Fine furniture that’s there when you need it, and stored away when you don’t. Detail of oak tansu showing thru tenon and tusk. A very strong joint which provides visual interest.

Chadansu (dining room tansu) in oak. 48W x 36H x 20D.
Center section features an interior shelf and nine drawers offer plenty of storage space. A frame and panel back means this piece could be used as a room divider as well.

Tansu – mahogany, 62W x 20H x 20D.
Tansu – mahogany
This tansu can be completely disassembled.The bottom is lined with cedar and the front and rear rails feature thru-tenons with tusks. Add a cushion and it serves as extra seating.

Knockdown joinery….
Knockdown joinery
Detail of mahogany tansu showing thru tenon and tusk.

Tansu – mahogany, 46W x 24H x 20D.
Tansu – mahogany
This tansu offers generous storage space. It features frame and panel construction, a finished back and hand-forged wrought iron drawer pulls (Hirukan style).

Tansu – Cherry. 52W x 30H x 22D.
Tansu - Cherry
Specially made for stereo components. Doors slide left and right. Rear panel vents help keep electronic components cool. This chest can be completely disassembled.

Tansu – cherry, 52W x 38H x 20D.
Tansu – cherry
This is a nine-drawer tansu with sliding doors and thru-tenons on the front and rear rails. The frame and panel back is also finished. As with all large case pieces, the wood used for the case and drawer fronts comes from the same tree.

Inside view of oak tansu.
Inside view of oak tansu
Interior can be modified for many purposes.

Kodansu (small tansu) – oak, 31W x19H x 16D.